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Start writing your story; help your mother write hers. We know it can be intimidating, so we built an app that helps you every step of the way.


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LUGU is a safe space for writing and sharing your story, where people can read about others and feel less alone. A platform where our stories live on, beyond oneself, timeless. Users should feel very comfortable using LUGU as an outlet for expression.

LUGU App, Inc.

Autumn 2020 to Winter 2021

Project Manager, UI/UX Designer

1 Fontend Developer
1 Backend Developer
1 Product Designer / Project Manager

The direction from the beginning was focused around storytelling and how to capture stories before it’s too late. The founder had experienced pain points in recording stories from elderly family members and thought there must be a better way. I created a series of concept drawings to kick the project off. This was followed up with the creation of business requirements, user stories and a full scope of work for the product. Diagrams and wireframes were completed by hand and then transferred into Figma for prototyping and visual design. The final product can be viewed in the app store and below is a link to the media kit I created for the press.

Who we are
The driving passion and mission behind LUGU is to capture stories before it’s too late!

What we stand for
LUGU wants to bring truth back to storytelling through users sharing their authentic life story. Instead of focusing on all that is around us, LUGU asks us to dive deep inside ourselves and use our past and present to build our future legacy.

How we do it
We know it can be intimidating to start, so we have thousands of Prompts (questions) in several Categories to get you going and keep you excited about building your legacy!

How do we go about removing friction points in writing? How do we unlock the stories in someone’s life? Will simple prompts work to encourage putting words to memories? Will reading stories from other’s, spark creativity?

Photos and records are easier to track down now, but we are still missing context. LUGU will exist as a tool to help capture and preserve context for generations to come.

Design doesn’t just happen overnight, it takes a lot of iteration. 

Your story matters
This is your secure space to journal, to share your stories, and to capture your past, present and future.

Prompts, Categories and Free Writing
We have broken down your life story into thousands of Prompts. Start by answering a few and you are on your way to recording your legacy!

Make your LUGUs public or private — the choice is yours!

We wish we knew our great-grandmother‘s story
Our legacies are dying with us and LUGU is here to change that. You are the author of your story — now let’s dive in!

Where LUGU fits in…
It’s your favorite journaling app plus thousands of Prompts to get you thinking about your legacy plus social media to share and Amplify who you are.



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