My name is
Lisa Allen
I am passionate about UI/UX Design, Design Process and Business Development.
…I’d say I’m not an expert in any one position, but a skilled generalist with broad knowledge and experience in asking the right questions and navigating complexity to produce results.
**I’ll quietly mention here that my collaborator (who prefers his anonymity) should also be given credit for this body of work**

This is merely a collection of work, projects and fun throughout many years. This archive is not to be confused with a polished portfolio of selected work which only displays the best of what I have to offer.

Learning is a process and showing the work through that process (no matter how ‘ugly’) is a useful practice. New reflections, lessons and ideas emerge each time.

As with most things in life, these projects come with their fair share of stories, challenges and successes. If any jump out at you as the type or style of work you’re searching for, I would certainly be happy to discuss further.